The Game Naruto

For decades, video games have been making a significant mark on the world. Since the days of Galaxy Game, Odyssey, and Pong, video games have evolved into sophisticated systems, both through gaming systems and on the computer. Their features have evolved as well offering better graphics, better animation, more elaborate game play, and sometimes well-developed characters.

One such game that carries characters and animation to a whole new level is the game Naruto.

Naruto: The development of a character

Naruto, an animated Japanese character (also called anime), first made his appearance in 1997 via a one-shot comic. His story, that of a teenage Ninja warrior with a desire to defeat his enemies and make his way to the top as master Ninja of his village, was eventually developed into a comic book series (or a Japanese Manga), and later into an anime television series, CD soundtracks, video animations, films, short novels, and a trading card game.

He has also made his mark on video games. The game Naruto invites players to help the main character defeat ninja enemies via a series of controlled movements. The game Naruto as well as the TV series, comic books, and other mediums, have become an ongoing, continuous journey towards the end goal – that of Master Ninja.

The Game Naruto

The game Naruto is a Shockwave Flash-based game. Players can download the games from various websites, or they can also play the games online through

Just as with the comic books, the game Naruto is appropriate for and interests many users of all ages. The website covers a wide variety of games with different storylines and activities such as “Naruto Action and Adventure Games”, “Naruto Dating Games”, and “Naruto Dress-up Games”. There is truly something for everyone.

Sources for the Game Naruto

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Video games have certainly come a long way. They have advanced in so many areas, but especially in quality of graphics and animation – those are the real sellers these days, and the game Naruto is no exception. With the game Naruto, players can join our hero ninja on an adventure of fun and excitement; one that makes them feel as though they are truly a part of it, without having to leave the comfort of their own home.